This 12-month coaching program is designed to inspire and motivate you to fulfill your dreams and find your true inner woman.

Tanesha - Confidence Coach

Tanesha Lowe is the founder, and owner of Tea Talk LLC and Pearl Unique Boutique LLC. She resides in Atlanta, GA, and originally from Bennettsville, South Carolina.

Tea Talk is a safe haven to empower, motivate, and inspire all women.

This sisterhood is about supporting one another through life experiences WITH love and WITHOUT judgement.

This 12 month program will guide you with daily tasks each month using the specially designed journal & meal plan tools provided

  Tea Talk Elite
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  August Goals
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$49/Month for 12 Months

12 payments of $49/month

Tea Talk Elite - 12 Month Course

Tea Talk University

Join the 12-month coaching course and receive:

-FREE My Truth Strengthened Me Workshop

-FREE Custom Planner

-FREE Meal Plan

-FREE Sample Packs of Tea (New Flavor Sent Every 3rd Month)

Tea Samples
Tea Samples

Every quarter Tea Talk introduces a new flavor of Tea. As a student in this course you will receive a FREE sample every 3 months!

Daily Affirmations Planner

This planner will be your best friend during the 12 month journey through this course. It is FREE when you enroll and includes 32 daily affirmations, a mind/emotion/body/spirit worksheet, a daily journal entry, a vision board, and MORE!

Meal Planner

Use this FREE meal planner to help keep you on track for success. Includes a weekly meal planner, shopping list, food & mood tracker, and MORE!

My Truth Strengthened Me

My Truth Strengthened Me

Digital Workshop

FREE with course enrollment

This digital workshop will be broken down into what your truth looks like and how it strengthens you. Breaking down these barriers consist of, trustworthiness and honesty. This will enable you to conquer certain areas in your life.

The 4 pillars we will discuss will be:

  • Sensory
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

At the end of this workshop you will be able to speak your truth and walk boldly with confidence. You will also have a relief of knowing that your truth doesn’t make up who you are.

Get Ready For Greatness!

At the end of this 12 month journey you will be empowered to go after what you want, have the tools to reach your dreams, and be a part of a Sisterhood for life!

At the end of your journey you will receive a certificate of completion and an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Remember: You Are Beautiful. Believe it, trust it, own it, but most importantly just Be You!